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Introduction to Membership Tiers

Membership organizations across North America are changing their marketing approach to a more balanced strategy of benefits, mission and recognition appeals.  A tiered dues structure compliments this balanced appeal, giving members the ability to choose their level of support and engagement.

If you're considering a tiered structure and what comes with it, take a look at this 15-minute webinar on the topic. It's appropriate for execs, staff and board alike. The more the merrier, so help yourself to it.

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Marketing For Your Members

Online directories are ubiquitous and it's safe to say we have run out of ways to make them unique or innovative. The public is being inundated with innovation from everywhere except membership organizations. Until now.

Sell anything. Buy anything. Request anything. Generate leads.

Give your members the ability to post any offer on any product or service they sell. Better than that, give your community the ability to request a bid or service from the members of your trusted organization.  This technology did not exist until mid-2012.

The best way to serve your members as an association or chamber of commerce is to leverage your size, your audience and your traffic to benefit their bottom line. If you think your online directory is doing that, think again. Join Kyle Sexton's discussions with Chris Petty, co-creator of this innovative service available exclusively through associations and chambers of commerce.


Get Control of Your Membership Sales

You have future members visiting your website everyday - even several times a day. I know this because I track the visitors on the websites of membership organizations I work with. Here are some numbers to consider:

  • Two-thirds of the membership tours given by my Member SalesEngineTM are at times when your office is closed.
  • 1 out of 10 people who take an online tour will join right away.
  • An additional 3 out of 10 will join within a year if you keep in touch with them.

I've built many websites and sold over a thousand memberships. If you don't offer an online tour of membership, which represents the RIGHT way to sell memberships, future members are leaving your site frustrated and disappointed.

About Member SalesEngineTM:

  • Standardizes your sales language
  • Minimizes bad referrals and attrition
  • Provides a high-tech first-impression to your visitors
  • Generates needed leads for your sales people
  • Sells memberships!
  • WON'T leave you for a new job, ask for a raise or take a vacation

Join me for an exclusive look at the tool that can open new doors for your membership organization.


Online Community + Social Syndication = Traffic

In 2008, I tested an online community to see if our members would respond to the benefits of social platform.  After 6 months of testing, the members who helped me beta test didn't give me much choice but to launch.  Soon after, we discovered the true power of the technology as we began syndicating our members' news posts on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn outlets. The result was a jump in traffic that helped us sell more memberships.

It's called crowd-sourcing content, and your members don't know they should be asking for this type of service. I've heard all the reasons not to get involved in this sort of thing, but your fears are based on myth and not on fact. Many membership organizations are now using this technology to help their members, and themselves.

Perhaps the best reason to consider a private online community can be summed up in a simple question: Would you rather advertise in a magazine, or create your own magazine and give yourself the best pages?


Membership Tier Samples

Click to view each sample [pdf]. These materials were provided by their respective chambers of commerce. Kyle Sexton did not consult or participate in the creation of any of these examples. They are offered only to demonstrate the difference between traditional dues models and tiers.


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