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"By using Enjoin, we have essentially added a sales person to our staff. As Membership Director, I have the sole responsiblity to nurture, redefine value of membership, deliver resources, and retain over 1100 members. Through the power of Enjoin, I have been able to shift focus to retention rather than recruitment, and utilize Enjoin to be our 24/7 sales person. Prospects start off with a glimpse of the resources and programs that our Chamber offers that interest them, and their specific business goals and I have used the value propossitions for each persona in day to conversations with new mmbers as well as long-standing members. It has helped me understand our own value as Chamber! Would hightly recommend this tool to ANY and EVERY Chamber, no matter their size or staffing. "

Carole Bennett
Greater Shreveport Chamber

How does Enjoin work?


Don't Just Serve Your Membership. Grow It.

Businesses are benefiting from your work now more than ever. But your website is missing the most important link to new members.

If you're worried about future membership revenue, you're not alone. It's been a topic of conversations I've had with nearly every chamber executive in the last few months. 

You can be selling memberships right now from your website. 

"I wish I had your confidence, Kyle," one CEO said. 

And she was on to something because in order to sell, you must transfer TRUST, ENERGY and CONFIDENCE. 

I'm confident that I can help your website capture more new members than ever before if we follow the SIMPLE path to nurturing a relationship: 

  1. Curiosity
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Commitment

Every chamber has an online membership application on their website, which represents commitment

The problem is that you jumped to commitment too soon in the process. They clicked a link out of curiosity and you proposed marriage. It got a little weird. 

The process I've developed indulges their curiosity with enlightenment before the commitment. Kind of like you would do it in person. But digitally. 

This isn't new. It's just new for chambers. 

A few months after I was first hired at my Chamber, a major economic crisis hit: 9-11. Membership sales stalled immediately.

So I did what felt natural to me and I re-built our website to scale our message and value. And that's not all. 

Inside the website, I built another website that gave an enlightenment tour of membership and offered people the ability to join online right away.

Over the next five years, we sold over $100,000 in new memberships through our website. << WOWZA << That's in addition to my regular membership sales efforts!

And because they were sold in the RIGHT WAY, these members had a higher than average first-year retention rate. 

Because COVID-19 has been shrinking chamber memberships and staff, I've revamped this membership tour so you can have a membership salesperson 24/7 in the same place as your future members: ON YOUR WEBSITE.

This membership tour is built into a hosted plugin called Enjoin. 

Enjoin utilizes digital marketing industry best practices in page design, sales copy, video sales letters , and customer self-segmentation. Enjoin will help you enlighten your website visitors and capture their membership when the opportunity arises. 

Over the years I've casually helped chambers improve their online membership sales funnels, but something was always in the way: making the tech all work together. 

Since then, all the tech you need has been engineered inside Enjoin, the membership sales automation plugin. 

There's a lot of tech behind the scenes that you don't have to wrestle with. The entire process is hosted for you. 

Your brand. Your logo. Your colors. Your chamber. My proven approach.

It's the only membership salesperson you can hire for under $40,000 per year. 

The costs to build this on your own are out of reach for most Chambers: $10,000 to $25,000 or more.

Thanks to the support of Chambers like you, I'm able to build and host a membership tour for you for a massive savings.

If you want to sell more memberships and provide fresh leads to your membership sales staff, sign up for Enjoin today. 


Trusted by Chamber Leaders

Unleash the Selling Power of ENJOIN on Your Chamber Website

Here's how it works:

1. Choose Your Plan

Enjoin is available in Classic or Unlimited forms. Unlimited includes more than 300 articles so your chamber website can be helpful and attract more leads. 

2. We Start Building

Your customized Enjoin is ready in just ten business days. 

3. Add Enjoin to Your Website

Simply replace your current Join link with Enjoin and start capturing leads right away. 

Choose Enjoin Classic or Unlimited




Branded with your logo and colors

Personality test recommends the right ways to engage with your Chamber

Email sequence keeps in touch with prospects for you

INCLUDES Chamber Today Unlimited with weekly content in your inbox every Monday morning and more than 300 instant articles for your website

INCLUDES Chamber People training library each and every member of your team

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Frequently Asked Questions

We just introduced Enjoin Classic. This package allows monthly payments and the lowest entry fee. Just pay your first month and set-up fee to get started. 

After you enroll your chamber, you'll be asked some specific questions so we can get to work building your Enjoin. From the time we receive that information, it takes up to 10 days. 

When your Enjoin is ready, you'll receive your Enjoin Guide by email. It includes the simple steps to take to start using Enjoin. Just replace your website links to membership information with the link to your Enjoin system. Nothing more to do.

Inside your Enjoin Guide is a link to view your membership leads, as well as all of their responses to the Business Personality Test. 

Enjoin was built with small chambers in mind, especially those without a dedicated membership salesperson.

Let's take a look at two different Chambers: A small Chamber with 450 members and a medium Chamber with 1000 members. In it's first 4 months, the small Chamber's Enjoin has served up 18 tours, received 11 leads and sold 4 memberships, while the medium chamber has served up 130 tours, received 51 leads, and sold 15 memberships.

For the small chamber, the lifetime value of these memberships, based on $300 minimum dues and industry average retention over 5 years, is $3,804. For the medium Chamber, based on $450 minimum dues and average retention over 5 years, is $21,397. 

In each case, the return on Enjoin is huge: 570% for the small chamber, and 3,200% for the medium chamber. 

Please take our demo tour to see how it works. Chambers have asked me to not send other Chambers through their tour. Each time a Chamber receives a tour through Enjoin, the staff receive an email alert and the user receives automated email messages. This is an active sales system. For this reason, I ask that you not take other Chambers' tours so that you aren't a fake lead for the Chamber. 

"Enjoin has given us a way to engage prospective members online. The close rate on these leads is extremely high!"

Brad Meier
Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce

ENJOIN is Powered by ChamberThink Strategies

We believe you deserve simple tools that let you fulfill your Chamber's mission. 

Kyle Sexton, the founder of Chamberthink Strategies, is a leading membership consultant in the chamber industry. Kyle's 25 years in membership, sales and marketing come together in this powerful automated system built for chambers just like yours. 

Kyle has helped hundreds of chambers to navigate difficult challenges

"I have really enjoyed the daily messages. They are short and to the point videos which helps in this fast paced industry."

Lisa Flowers

"I like that you always present things that me either think about things in a different way or trigger more questions."

Anne Glasscock

"Kyle brings practicality and common sense to an industry we sometimes way over think. Always reminding us to deliver value and being proactive, Kyle is that person on your shoulder with the right approach not to over do it, but execute it."

Nick Kieffer

"You get it. You don't follow the mold but I'll say it this way: you treat us like a business who can learn from better organizations, not just chambers."

Jim K. Johnson

"Kyle helped our Chamber create the basis for our tiered dues system. His knowledge of how to put the system in place and implement it was invaluable. We learned from his experience and put together a tiered dues system that works for our members. We have been successful in converting nearly 90% of our membership over the past 2 years. Without Kyle's guidance, I do not think we would have been as successful. Thanks Kyle!"

Gail Lofing

"I have enjoyed your excellent presentations over the years, your book and recently your video series. Thank you for helping Chamber CEOs succeed in what can be a tough position!"

Andy Mayer

"I have had the privilege of meeting Kyle early in my Chamber work, somewhere near twenty years now. He is one of those individuals that understands the industry and can relate his teaching to real life operations. When I attend conferences, his name is one of the first I look for on the agenda to attend. Over the years, I have found his teachings and programs a great asset for both my personal and Chamber's growth."

Robert Goltz

"I look forward to your words of wisdom. It makes me think outside the box and new ways to approach challenges."

Meri Ann Rush

"I enjoy hearing Kyle Sexton's great strategies each morning as they all make sense and can be implemented to our everyday Chamber life."

Wendy Parsons 

"Kyle presents information in a no-nonsense framework: Open and Honest. This helps remind me how I want to do the same with my board, staff, and volunteers. I am able to refer to 'Kyle just had a video sharing tips on...' and my board perks up, because they know when Kyle speaks, people listen."

Mary Hodson

"Kyle was one of our coaches at Institute. The great thing about his class was the ever sparking of ideas. He was forward thinking and encouraged the same out of us."

Kim Brown

"When we hired Kyle Sexton as a tiered values membership consultant, we never realized what we were in for, meaning he surprised and delighted us on a regular basis with his continual coaching and training for all areas of our organization. He went way beyond membership and guided us through some marketing and organizational challenges that raised all boats."

Todd Kuckkahn

"Your Remembership tiered dues classes and book helped me move our Chamber into the next level. We have more loyal members."

Susan Wan-Ross

"Kyle Sexton helped us realize that not every member wants the same thing from their membership."

Sandra Williams

"I truly enjoy the video content and have shared it with our board on occasion. I hope it sinks in."

Lisa Workman

"I loved that you helped us with our membership breakdown and pricing. You had some great insights as we moved through the process. There have been several of your Chamber Daily segments that I have shared with my co-workers and or Ambassadors believing it conveyed a nugget that we can all benefit from."

Holly Gleason

"I had Kyle as a faculty member at Institute, and I walked away with two big things to bring to my board: 1. Why we had to pump the breaks on switching to tiered membership and 2. A road map for how to do it. I knew we were rushing it, but Kyle's training more explicitly got to the why and how."

Kris Mattera

"Your four quadrants for membership has enabled me to save time and energy with the benefit of focusing on a targeted sales approach to a broader market segment."

Craig Hall

"Kyle has helped me and my staff look at what we have to offer members and the community from a different perspective. We have a better view of what out time and talents are worth and how to communicate this more effectively."

Susan Williams

"Kyle has a no-nonsense, but tactful, response for every question or challenge. His approach helps to position discussions positively, which is important to remember and put into practice when things get challenging or frustrating."

Fred Gaffney

"I just participated in an ACCE webinar last week on membership tiers. We just changed to a tier membership and the information presented was very helpful."

Jennifer Pauly

"I like the way you draw people out and bring them into the conversation providing a safe environment for them to share with no judgement."

Laura Edmonds

"The assistance you provided to our sales team to help them understand the best approach to up-selling memberships totally reshaped our tactical approach in a positive way. The Membership Conversion Conversation Agenda not only helped in dealing with early adapters we identified but it also helped reshape the conversations we have with those considering becoming a member."

Dan Rogers

"The resources that Kyle shared about membership and value have proven to be invaluable. Our Chamber used membership resources provided by Kyle to switch to tiered dues. Since that time we’ve seen a 33% increase in dues revenue."

Kathi Roetter

"The quadrants are key in member relations and messaging."

Dennis Houston

"I have taken away nuggets, action steps, and a sense of belonging to a bigger industry from your messages. I have just bought Remembership and am excited to dig into it."

Elaine Hansen

"I find your insight and perspective refreshing and validating. Your thoughts on the different motivations for membership really struck a chord with me. Also I watch for your opinions on what the future holds for Chambers and the business culture. Your perspective helps tremendously!"

Heather Kumpe

"Kyle gave me language and confidence to feel empowered and to empower my team to change the way we talk about membership. We began to see the org as something with a strong a value proposition, worthy of having expectations of our members and our business community. We used to give away our resources, our time, our membership (!), and those days are gone thanks to Kyle's approach and words of encouragement."

Cecilia Harry, CEcD

"Kyle continues to reinforce my growth as a leader. He encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new ideas for my community and chamber. He helped me to see that I am the expert in Chamber in my community, and to be confident in my voice and knowledge as the Chamber President.

"On boarding new staff and board members using the 4 quadrants of membership enables the team to be up and running and on the same page with members engagement."

Gina Suydam

"Kyle Sexton assisted us with our Member Tier roll-out several years ago. Since then, Kyle has been regularly coaching and mentoring me and the other members of our staff. Kyle's vast array of knowledge, experience and broad base reach across chambers and association, provide us with expertise, best practices and time tested measures for chamber success. Kyle's input to our decision making is important to almost every aspect of developing new chamber initiatives or improving our performance through the implementation of proven best practices."

Robert S. Carl, Jr., President and CEO

"The biggest thing I have learned was moving our organization to a tiered model of membership investment and that we were leaving so much on the table. We have since moved to that model and have increased our dollars by more than 20%."

Becky Wolfe

"Love the membership resources-- use it as an orientation for our membership sales team on chamber membership sales."

Bob Thomas

"Kyle carries a wealth of knowledge on how relevant Chambers of Commerce are delivering value to their investors. By applying Kyle's market-tested and verified communication and activation strategies, we have turned around sagging membership numbers and heightened our engagement levels within our membership. For good reason, Kyle is recognized as the premier development consultant for Chambers of Commerce. Without his handiwork, we would be idling at the starting line."

Tom Hoffert

"We did not use you for training and coaching but you definitely used coaching tactics throughout the time we spent with you. The Board Retreat that lead for our organization was training of sorts. Your presentation was clear, engaging and insightful. Furthermore, you know how to work with the different personalities that you see on Board of Directors."

Ginger Berkelhamer

"The Map to Remembership is a frequent jumping off point for our conversations with the Board."

Chris Clark

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