Online membership sales is just a click away. See how it can work for you when you watch the ENJOIN demo
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The Simple and Reliable Way to Sell More Memberships Online

Turn your website into a membership sales machine

Capture Email Data & Optimize Follow-Up Sales Conversations

Increase Membership Sales with an Automated System that Runs 24/7

Demonstrate Your Chamber's Value with Targeted Website Content

You shouldn't have to rebuild your website to increase membership revenue

Are you driving qualified business leads to your website? 
Is your website converting visitors into members?
Are you understaffed when it comes to membership sales? 

ENJOIN is the no-hassle solution to selling online chamber memberships

Reliable Sales Automation Made Easy

Selling online doesn't have  to be complicated. ENJOIN fully integrates with ChamberMaster/GrowthZone, MemberClicks/Atlas, Wordpress and any other web platform or member management software. Our tech approach is guaranteed to work for you. 

A Proven Sales System Built by a Membership Expert

ENJOIN is far better than a bot. Built using consumer psychology, inbound marketing strategy, and over 20 years of experience in membership sales, our online system offers a complete experience that nurtures businesses from website visitor to chamber member. 

More Membership Revenue with Less Chamber Budget

ENJOIN is an affordable sales solution for any chamber. With an optimized website and automated sales system, your chamber can increase memberships without hiring more staff. What will your chamber do with the money? 

Trusted by Chamber Leaders

"When we saw the demo of ENJOIN, I told Kyle, 'You’ve done it again - understood the pain and delivered an elegant solution to a problem all Chambers encounter.' If you’re not working with Kyle yet as one of his many satisfied customers I must ask, 'What are you waiting for?'"

Paul Farmer
President, Salinas Valley Chamber

Unleash the Selling Power of ENJOIN on Your Chamber Website

Here's how it works:

1. Watch the Demo

Enjoin is built using a combination of consumer psychology and membership expertise. See how simple and fun it is for businesses to learn more about chamber membership. 

2. Sign Up for ENJOIN

Receive instant access to our content library, so you can start updating your site with relevant, useful articles your business community needs. Then, receive your customized ENJOIN plugin in just 14 days. 

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3. Sell Memberships While You Sleep

When businesses can initiate a membership tour with just one-click on your website, membership sales can happen 24/7. 

What will you do with the money?

Businesses need the support of your Chamber more than ever, and chambers need membership revenue to support businesses. What could you do with more membership revenue?

  • Hire staff
  • Enhance your advocacy programs
  • Fund your Chamber's bucket list project
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ENJOIN is Powered by ChamberThink Strategies

We believe you deserve simple tools that let you fulfill your Chamber's mission. 

Kyle Sexton, the founder of Chamberthink Strategies, is a leading membership consultant in the chamber industry. Kyle's 25 years in membership, sales and marketing come together in this powerful automated system built for chambers just like yours. 

Watch a Demo

Watch the Demo