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Capture Email Data & Optimize Follow-Up Sales Conversations

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ENJOIN is the no-hassle solution to selling online chamber memberships

Reliable Sales Automation Made Easy

Selling online doesn't have  to be complicated. ENJOIN fully integrates with ChamberMaster/GrowthZone, MemberClicks/Atlas, Wordpress and any other web platform or member management software. Our tech approach is guaranteed to work for you. 

A Proven Sales System Built by a Membership Expert

ENJOIN is far better than a bot. Built using consumer psychology, inbound marketing strategy, and over 20 years of experience in membership sales, our online system offers a complete experience that nurtures businesses from website visitor to chamber member. 

More Membership Revenue with Less Chamber Budget

ENJOIN is an affordable sales solution for any chamber. With an optimized website and automated sales system, your chamber can increase memberships without hiring more staff. What will your chamber do with the money? 

Don't Just Serve Your Membership. Grow It.

Businesses are benefiting from your work now more than ever. But your website is missing the most important link to new members.

If you're worried about future membership revenue, you're not alone. It's been a topic of conversations I've had with nearly every chamber executive in the last few months. 

You can be selling memberships right now from your website. 

"I wish I had your confidence, Kyle," one CEO said. 

And she was on to something because in order to sell, you must transfer TRUST, ENERGY and CONFIDENCE. 

I'm confident that I can help your website capture more new members than ever before if we follow the SIMPLE path to nurturing a relationship: 

  1. Curiosity
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Commitment

Every chamber has an online membership application on their website, which represents commitment

The problem is that you jumped to commitment too soon in the process. They clicked a link out of curiosity and you proposed marriage. It got a little weird. 

The process I've developed indulges their curiosity with enlightenment before the commitment. Kind of like you would do it in person. But digitally. 

This isn't new. It's just new for chambers. 

A few months after I was first hired at my Chamber, a major economic crisis hit: 9-11. Membership sales stalled immediately.

So I did what felt natural to me and I re-built our website to scale our message and value. And that's not all. 

Inside the website, I built another website that gave an enlightenment tour of membership and offered people the ability to join online right away.

Over the next five years, we sold over $100,000 in new memberships through our website. << WOWZA << That's in addition to my regular membership sales efforts!

And because they were sold in the RIGHT WAY, these members had a higher than average first-year retention rate. 

Because COVID-19 has been shrinking chamber memberships and staff, I've revamped this membership tour so you can have a membership salesperson 24/7 in the same place as your future members: ON YOUR WEBSITE.

This membership tour is built into a hosted plugin called Enjoin. 

Enjoin utilizes digital marketing industry best practices in page design, sales copy, video sales letters , and customer self-segmentation. Enjoin will help you enlighten your website visitors and capture their membership when the opportunity arises. 

Over the years I've casually helped chambers improve their online membership sales funnels, but something was always in the way: making the tech all work together. 

Since then, all the tech you need has been engineered inside Enjoin, the membership sales automation plugin. 

There's a lot of tech behind the scenes that you don't have to wrestle with. The entire process is hosted for you. 

 Your brand. Your logo. Your colors. Your chamber. My proven approach.

It's the only membership salesperson you can hire for under $40,000 per year. 

The costs to build this on your own are out of reach for most Chambers: $10,000 to $25,000 or more.

Thanks to the support of Chambers like you, I'm able to build and host a membership tour for you for a massive savings -- Just $2,000 per year.

If you want to sell more memberships and provide fresh leads to your membership sales staff, buy Enjoin today. 


Trusted by Chamber Leaders

"When we saw the demo of ENJOIN, I told Kyle, 'You’ve done it again - understood the pain and delivered an elegant solution to a problem all Chambers encounter.' If you’re not working with Kyle yet as one of his many satisfied customers I must ask, 'What are you waiting for?'"

Paul Farmer
President, Salinas Valley Chamber

What will you do with the money?

Businesses need the support of your Chamber more than ever, and chambers need membership revenue to support businesses. What could you do with more membership revenue?

  • Hire staff
  • Enhance your advocacy programs
  • Fund your Chamber's bucket list project

Unleash the Selling Power of ENJOIN on Your Chamber Website

Here's how it works:

1. Watch the Demo

Enjoin is built using a combination of consumer psychology and membership expertise. See how simple and fun it is for businesses to learn more about chamber membership. 

2. Sign Up for ENJOIN

Receive instant access to our content library, so you can start updating your site with relevant, useful articles your business community needs. Then, receive your customized ENJOIN plugin in just 14 days. 


3. Sell Memberships While You Sleep

When businesses can initiate a membership tour with just one-click on your website, membership sales can happen 24/7. 

"We are actually closing prospects before they’re even leaving our website"

Krystal Crockett, Bixby Metro Chamber


The Simple and Reliable Way to Sell More Memberships Online

Are you a new client?




Business Personality Test recommends the right ways to engage with the Chamber

Video sales letter makes your presentation more memorable

Branded landing pages use your logo and colors

Email sequence closes more membership sales while you sleep

Email & Blog Content INCLUDED (142 articles and growing)

Kyle's complete training library for your entire team INCLUDED (Valued at $200 per person)


ChamberThink Insiders



< Enjoin included ($2000 Value)

Ongoing Monthly Coaching Sessions

New Menu Copy by StoryBrand Certified Copywriter

Kyle's Million Dollar Menu Library

Annual Menu Update Session

*Available only to current/past clients of ChamberThink Strategies


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Frequently Asked Questions

After you enroll your chamber, you'll be asked some specific questions so we can get to work building your Enjoin. From the time we receive that information, it takes up to 30 days. In the meantime, you'll have immediate access to Chamber Today and the  Chamber People training library. 

When your Enjoin is ready, you'll receive your Enjoin Guide by email. It includes the simple steps to take to start using Enjoin. Just replace your website links to membership information with the link to your Enjoin system. Nothing more to do.

Inside your Enjoin Guide is a link to view your membership leads, as well as all of their responses to the Business Personality Test. 

Enjoin was built with small chambers in mind, especially those without a dedicated membership salesperson.

Let's take a look at two different Chambers: A small Chamber with 450 members and a medium Chamber with 1000 members. In it's first 4 months, the small Chamber's Enjoin has served up 18 tours, received 11 leads and sold 4 memberships, while the medium chamber has served up 130 tours, received 51 leads, and sold 15 memberships.

For the small chamber, the lifetime value of these memberships, based on $300 minimum dues and industry average retention over 5 years, is $3,804. For the medium Chamber, based on $450 minimum dues and average retention over 5 years, is $21,397. 

In each case, the return on Enjoin is huge: 570% for the small chamber, and 3,200% for the medium chamber. 

Enjoin was released in October 2020 in beta, so it's new. Please take our demo tour to see how it works. Chambers have asked me to not send other Chambers through their tour. Each time a Chamber receives a tour through Enjoin, the staff receive an email alert and the user receives automated email messages. This is an active sales system. For this reason, I ask that you not take other Chambers' tours so that you aren't a fake lead for the Chamber. 

For a limited time, you can become an Enjoin Founding Chamber. That means you lock in your rate when you enroll by July 30, 2021. July 31st, Enjoin rates will increase and the current Founders rate will be gone for good. 

Monthly payment options are not available for this limited-time Founders Rate, but all major credit cards are accepted. 


For a personal chat about Enjoin and your Chamber, click below to schedule time on my calendar

ENJOIN is Powered by ChamberThink Strategies

We believe you deserve simple tools that let you fulfill your Chamber's mission. 

Kyle Sexton, the founder of Chamberthink Strategies, is a leading membership consultant in the chamber industry. Kyle's 25 years in membership, sales and marketing come together in this powerful automated system built for chambers just like yours. 

Drive More Traffic to Your Chamber Website

How can you get more people to your website so you can deliver more tours and sell more memberships? 

By publishing helpful, useful content. 

Being useful to your members and community is essential to your Chamber's brand. The content that people can consume from your website, blog, newsletter, podcast or video -- whether or not they are a member -- will determine if you are the go-to organization in your community. 

It's not just your members and community who are reading your website and evaluating your usefulness in their world. Google is doing it too.

Google evaluates your utility and plugs it into something you've heard of before: SEO. Search engine optimization will push your brand up the pages they offer up to people who are asking the questions your chamber can answer... answers that lead to business growth, community growth and new members for your chamber. 

Even if your Chamber has had to downsize because of the pandemic, that doesn't mean that you have to stop telling stories that inspire and engage businesses. 

Many of the articles that you should be publishing have already been written. And they are included when you buy ENJOIN. You can copy and paste them (and OWN them) or you can use them to inspire your own content. 

One of my favorite things about my new content publishing membership -- called Chamber Today -- is that you can use these articles as starters. Tell your own personal story related to the topic and lead the article with it. Some of my founding members are even using the articles as video scripts. 

Chamber Today is a tank full of articles I wrote for you and your quadrants... you know, the ones in the Map to Remembership? I wrote articles to specifically engage each of the business profiles in a useful, helpful way. Targeted, quadrant-based content your Chamber can publish today. That's Chamber Today

And since we are all sharing in the cost of content creation designed exclusively for chambers, you don't have to pay forty- to sixty-thousand bucks a year for a professional content creator. I've done that for you. You just join Chamber Today.

And Chamber Today is INCLUDED with Enjoin 

"We sold a $1,500 membership within just a few days of launching our new Enjoin plugin."

Julie Keimbehdjian
Operations & Membership, Comox Valley Chamber

THAT'S NOT ALL: Get All My Training Programs When You Buy Enjoin

A massive bonus from Kyle to you

I've been creating training programs for years, and they are all included when you join Chamber People.

And Chamber People is free when you buy Enjoin -- for you and each staff member on your team. 

I've been teaching chamber professionals all the things that I had learn the hard way... trial and error. We're all learning things the hard way right now, but you don't have time to sift through all the information, so I've curated and re-organized all of my training programs into 4 ESSENTIAL COURSES. 

  1. Leadership & Team
  2. Revenue Growth
  3. Membership
  4. Marketing

You're not going to believe the value packed inside. Programs that -- just last March -- were selling for $347 in my store -- are now included when you buy ENJOIN. 

Programs like:

  • Membership Year One
  • Sponsorship Two-Point-Oh!
  • Membership Director Training
  • Teaching is the New Selling
  • Change Your Mindset, Change Your Community
  • Leadership Lessons for Team Leaders
  • And so much more!

This is a huge no-brainer. Plus I've added in a never-before-released training to help you make more money and keep it too. It's going to teach you how to raise dues without losing a single member or a single dollar. Because -- hey -- now's the time to talk about revenue. All options should be on the table. Even if you don't do this now -- and I'm not saying you should -- you need to know how to do this because you're going to need to eventually. 

I'm honored to invite you in to Chamber People. My goal is to give access to you what you need when you need it. 

And if you'e a sponge and you want to soak it all in, I've curated the training videos in a logical progression to help you build on your knowledge and skills.