Your Communications Just Got an Upgrade

I'm smiling because I'm excited to introduce my new content creation community for chambers called Quantent. 

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Help Google Find You and Your Members

Chambers call it Communications. Hubspot calls it Inbound Marketing. I call it Quantent.

If you sell memberships, market or promote via the web, or want to do more of it, staying up to date on technology and trends is essential. 

That's why I created QuantentWhat is it? It's quality quadrant-based content. It's about letting Google know you're here to help, and Google will lead people to your site so they can sample your value. 

I've spent the last 3 years building this program and more than fifty chambers have already joined Quantent. 

Don't kick yourself later for not taking me up on this special offer when you really had nothing to lose.

Talk soon,

Kyle Sexton

Get My Communications and Media Training for FREE when you join Quantent

All of this is yours, risk-free:

Quantent x100

100 Blog articles written for you. You might spend $10,000 or more curating and creating this much content. You can drip them on your blog, use them in email newsletters and much more.

Editorial Coaching

Each quarter, you'll be invited to an exclusive coaching session where we are going to give you ideas to build awareness around your core functions and value. 

Quantent Sharing

As you create unique content for your chamber, you can share it in our private community AND benefit from content created and shared by others.

Join me inside Quantent now

70% of chamber members aren't engaged with your communications, but your message is too important to be ignored. We're going to get your chamber communications program firing on all cylinders.


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