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Executive Mastermind

This room is exclusively for CEO's and C-Level Chamber Professionals. 

  • Noon Eastern
  • 11am Central
  • 10am Mountain
  • 9am Pacific
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Staff Workshop

This room is for all Chamber Professionals, and includes a professional development topic, and time for questions about any aspect of Chamber operations. 

  • 1:30pm Eastern
  • 12:30pm Central
  • 11:30am Mountain
  • 10:30am Pacific
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Tiers Workshop

Known as ChamberThink Blueprint, this room is focused exclusively on (re)building and (re)launching your value-based membership tiers structure. For all staff, Q&A format. 

  • 3:00pm Eastern
  • 2:00pm Central
  • 1:00pm Mountain
  • 12:00pm Pacific
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In the time since we worked together, much has changed. You deserve to have the latest in tested methods, tools and on-going support for you and your team. 

ChamberThink Insiders is stacked with value:

  1. ChamberThink Insiders monthly mastermind for Executives only
  2. Monthly staff workshops NEW!
  3. Quarterly marketing webinars & coaching NEW! 
  4. ENJOIN: As if these aren't reason enough you also get Enjoin, the membership sales automation plugin that generates membership leads from your chamber's website, and 
  5. Chamber Today, the done-for-you content service with more than 300 articles you can copy, paste and publish
  6. Chamber People training library for your entire team
  7. Keep your menu up to date with the latest sales copy, design features and benefits
  8. Access to Kyle's annual membership survey and analysis via video
  9. BONUSES like Kyle's popular Renewal Sequence, Chamber Website Wireframe (coming soon!) and New Member Onboarding Sequence (coming soon!)

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Meet the Insiders

Michael Chait has been an active member of the business community in Atlantic City since he was 15 years old, when he was a delivery messenger for his uncle's law practice. So, it should come as no surprise that Michael knows all the players in Atlantic County. As a consultant, I've never met a leader so determined and unwavering as Michael. I'm so excited to welcome him into ChamberThink Insiders! 

When I think of a servant leader, I think of Elaine Hansen. When working with her team, I might ask Elaine and question and she turns to her team and says, "What do you think?" 

When doing membership upgrades, Elaine is determined to get a signature on the upgrade -- and each one puts a hugs smile on her face! I really enjoy working with Elaine and her team as they level-up Austin Minnesota -- home of Hormel Foods! 

After serving on the Executive Board of the Branson Lakes Chamber & CVB, Pam has been selected to lead the Chamber as CEO. Pam previously spent her career as a leader in the banking for 35 years. 

On the Chamber side, Grant Sloan is the VP of Member Engagement and leads a staff of three. Grant is a former news broadcaster, and you can still hear it in his voice. I don't think there is a single business in the Branson Lakes area that Grant doesn't know personally. He's a much beloved figure in Southwest Missouri and leads the Chamber side of the Branson Chamber & CVB with enthusiasm and professionalism. 

Beth has led the Bristol Chamber since 2015. She's a very thoughtful leader and collaborator. She has a strong background in policy, leadership and health care. The Bristol Chamber represents two cities on the border of Virginia and Tennessee -- a complex leadership task that Beth handles with grace and integrity. 

Greg has a strong background in business finance, economic development and higher education. He has led the Chamber (CBICC) since 2021, and we started working together shortly after to build more value into membership. Greg is a visionary and hires very well. His team is dedicated to the mission and talented in their areas of expertise. 

Aaron was named by Chamber Executive magazine as one of the 11 most influential leaders in the Chamber industry. He adds value to every room he's in, and ChamberThink Insiders Executive Mastermind is no exception. He's one of the best managers-by-the-numbers you'll ever meet, and his disarming smile will put you at ease the moment you meet him. I learn more from Aaron than anyone else. Cutting edge leadership. 

I first met Chris when he was the Membership & Leadership Director at the Greater Susquehanna Chamber. He was doing about three jobs at the same time, and has so much passion for the Chamber, I'm not sure how he keeps it all in. After being hired by the CEO of the Columbia Montour Chamber, his boss left to pursue other opportunities and the board naturally called on Chris to lead the next charge for the business community. I'm incredibly proud of the work Chris is doing to advocate for the businesses of central PA. 

After 25 years leading the Superior-Douglas County Chamber, Dave moved to Eau Claire to become their new CEO. Over the last five years, he has grown the Chamber through leadership programs, board engagement, tiered memberships and innovative sponsorship packages. Whenever I want to test a theory Dave is my first call. And I think he feels the same. Dave gives way more than he asks of others, and he's an Insider for life! 

Tom relocated from Colorado to Rapid City, South Dakota, to merge the Chamber with the EDC and a few other organizations. He invited me in to work with his team to build a new membership menu that didn't use the word "membership" anywhere, and I knew instantly that Tom thinks differently and we were going to be fast friends. Tom plays the drums and thinks BIG. 

I met Shiloh in late 2018 when she reached out about membership tiers. Shiloh is the rudder of the Elevate ship, keeping her team focused on revenue benchmarks that keep the organization growing. If I had to guess, I would say that she is one of those rare brains that can shift quickly from creative work to analytical work. Shiloh is one of the few non-CEO's that is invited to participate in the Executive Mastermind, and we're all better for it. 

Like many of the Insiders, Julie is a veteran of the Chamber industry. Since 2005, she's led the Chamber with integrity and enthusiasm. Julie's energy will light up a room and she's a very very compelling person to talk to, so don't be surprised if you leave a conversation having volunteered for something! 

David reached out to me to help with membership tiers and was having a very successful launch when he called with another need: "We might be merging," he said. Over the next year, I worked with David, Irene, two board chairs and two boards to build a new regional Chamber from the Silverdale Chamber and the Bremerton Chamber. I'm incredibly proud of the growth and success that David and Irene have earned in Kitsap County. 

Lori took on the role of CEO of the Highland Park Chamber, just north of Chicago, in 2023. The Highland Park Chamber has been involved in nearly every program I've ever offered here at ChamberThink Strategies. I'm so glad I get to introduce Lori to her peers from across the country and continue to support her Chamber's growth! 

Owen has faced many political and leadership challenges in his short time as the CEO of the Lander Chamber, one of the most "outdoorsy" places in Wyoming. And yet, Owen tackles each one with grace and a can-do spirit that only comes from raising nine kids with his amazing wife, Regina. Owen is a jazz drummer from New Jersey, and always has an interesting story to share. I'm so proud of what he's building in Lander! 

I love talking baseball with Rick. I'm not a baseball guy, but I grew of a fan of the Cincinnati Reds. So when I showed up to meet him and his executive committee at the Chamber, I was delighted to find a Reds hat and baseball signed by the one and only Joe Morgan, owner of Joe Morgan Honda in Monroe, Ohio. Rick is a very detail oriented leader, and is the first know Chamber in the US to tag and flag each of his members according to the Map to Remembership! Rick's focus is on workforce for his region. 

Roy has been in the Chamber business since 1998. He has been a leader in four different chambers in the northeast, leading the North Central Mass Chamber since 2015. Roy hires very talented staff who have enthusiasm for their professional work and the people they serve. 

Jill's entire career has lead her to Chamber management. She uses her experience in public policy, events and board management every single day. She's a graduate of the Institute for Organization Management, and has been leading the NW OKC Chamber since 2008. 

Located a little more than an hour south of Minneapolis, Owatonna is a growing region with a lot to be excited about. Brad leads an amazing team and is known for his collaboration with other communities and leaders. I love every time I get to see Brad. He's thoughtful and energetic. 

I've had the pleasure of working with the Quad Cities Chamber in Iowa and Illinois for many many years and several CEOs. They are a very innovative Chamber in a very hard-working part of the country. Their market is complex, as they serve five cities in two states. Their new CEO is Peter Tokar, who brings strong economic development experience into his first Chamber leadership role.

April has transformed every Chamber she's worked in. She hires well, attracts visionary leaders and works extremely hard. She's a visionary collaborator and terrific interviewer. She remembers really small details from conversations long-forgotten by others. When you meet her, you won't forget her. 

This is a special Chamber to me as it's where I worked for eleven years. CEO Tom Hoffert is one of the strongest financial leaders I've seen in any Chamber, as he turned a six figure deficit into a six figure savings account in just over one year, paid off the mortgage, and retooled his entire team. He collaborates with his executive committee and shares major decisions with his volunteer leaders, attracting top quality board members from throughout the region. 

Bob is one of my longest-standing clients, and we've been through many changes and challenges together at the Schuylkill Chamber. Bob is a former county commissioner, so he knows everybody, and has a strong background in policy and health care. Bob recently promoted Samantha Chivinski to Executive Vice President is highly involved in Insiders Executive Masterminds. 

Timm was hired as CEO of the Stockton Chamber after serving in various staff roles for years. Timm knows the Chamber operations very well, and is always a joy to work with. I've had the pleasure of working with the 

Eileen has been at the Tri-County Chamber for more than 25 years. When the pandemic took her Chamber down from a staff of three to just herself, she joined my small group and retooled her chamber from the ground up, creating more than $82k in recurring revenue growth. Eileen is an amazing chamber leader and collaborator and I thoroughly enjoy every time I get to work with her. 

Susan will hit the twenty year milestone in 2024, and I can't imagine the Venango County Chamber without her. She knows everybody, and she has a strong commitment to curating an engaged, youthful and energetic board. She hires very well and is exceptional at translating the importance of strong business leaders being involved in the Chamber. 

Dave is a thoughtful visionary. He has a very big vision for his community in central Wisconsin. I've had the pleasure to work with Dave and his team for nearly a decade now. He's a strong Chamber leader, and at heart he's an economic developer. 

Dean has been in the Chamber business for twenty years, and has lead the York County Chamber since 2001. He's made a ton of changes and upgrades, and hires talented specialists. Dean is a terrific leader and seems to always be three steps ahead of the business leaders in his South Carolina community. 

Dan joined the Westmoreland Chamber in 2021, bringing with him a strong background in public policy, leadership and management. He's big on relationships, curious and thoughtful. 

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