Here's what I'm working on now:

// I'm in the middle of building a huge resource for my clients and future clients called Remembership Labs, a suite of training programs for trade organizations based on my book, Remembership, which has a new look and new content in its second edition. I'm really excited about having all these hours of training content help me scale my impact and teach when I can't be there in person. It's unscripted, which let's my personality come through on the videos. It's even fun for me to watch. 

Remembership Live will be my next product introduction: A series of webinars and a membership to my library of past webinars all in one place. Should be fun because -- hey, I heard you -- my tribe loves live and only just likes recorded. Stay tuned. 

Based on the success of the Map to Remembership, I've partnered with the leading member management software provider to create for you an free service called WhatKindofMember. It's a profiling tool where your members answer a series of questions and makes recommendations for their membership experience. At the same time, their profile is logged in your member management software so that you can better target your messaging to specific member profiles. 

March 4th is a special day on my calendar. This year, I will release a free video training product on the topic of leadership. I hope it's something you find useful. I'm going to enjoy making it in my newly remodeled studio. 


I'm enjoying not being in editing or production of a book right now after the release of Follow You Anywhere as a free one-page book in addition to being on Amazon. I love that people love it. Someone recently said, "Hey I think your printer screwed up because there are only twenty-one little lessons instead of twenty-two." 

"Ah, young Jedi," I replied. "You didn't read to the end." At the end of the book is a link to bonus content and an explanation of why one of the lessons is not in print. 

I've retired my talk based on Follow You Anywhere. It's too personal to be great in my voice so it's not on the menu any longer. Sorry if you missed it, but you can watch it here. In it's place is Why Loud is Losing: Going Deep in a Shallow Attention Economy. 

I'm finding that my pricing method for my trade association clients is also working for businesses, especially coaches, solopreneurs and consultants. I'm kicking around the idea of teaching it in a series of talks. I could use some more case studies so if you're a freelancer looking to upgrade your pricing and value proposition, contact me about trying out my approach at no cost. 

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// Thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the NOW movement. Cool. And thanks for tweeting me.