// Chamber Today relaunched last summer with a new promise articles in your inbox every Monday morning starting at $49 a month. These expert articles are crafted to help leaders lead and businesses grow. 

// Enjoin, the membership lead automation plugin for your Chamber website, has been rebuilt on a platform designed to give membership organizations access to their leads. Your chamber of commerce can use Enjoin to turn businesses into members with digital sales funnels, buckets, offline polls and other membership development tools. 

// Chambers are asking how to build more value into their number one revenue source: membership. The problem is their board isn't interested in investing in consulting right now. ChamberThink Blueprint was launched in 2020 for smaller chambers who learn better in small groups. We have chambers reaching $80k in new annual revenue and more -- for a fraction of the cost of consulting. 

// ChamberThink Insiders has grown to thirty of the most innovative chambers in North America. I couldn't be more proud of what we are accomplishing together. The stack of benefits that goes with Insiders is insane, and these Chamber leaders frequently ask to be first to try the latest tools and tech we're crafting with their input. 

// Chambers need to build or re-build their game plan. Problem is, the strategic planning facilitator you were planning to use doesn't know chambers. Chamber on a Mission was created to give insights to Chamber leaders from members, board members and the leading industry expert so you can take practical steps to growing your Chamber.  

// Trajectory is off-season for the foreseeable future as I work on my next podcast, Mission Flow, launching summer of 2024. 

In the meantime, you can find Trajectory on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and Google Play, and 

// After a brief sabbatical from the Institute for Organization Management, I'm back among the faculty and finding participants to be much more hungry for information and insights than ever before. If you are getting your IOM designation in 2025, plan on seeing me at two or more of the sites next year. 

 // Thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the NOW movement. Cool. And thanks for tweeting me.

// This page was updated April 10, 2020. You can always find it at 


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