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// Eric Ryan, one of North America's most knowledgeable strategic planning consultants, is developing a virtual training for chambers of commerce and economic development organizations. His software and process is about to become more affordable than ever for organizations who are tired of investing in a strategic document that sits in a book on a shelf. Look for our launch of this essential program in late October. 

// I've taken two years off from the Institute for Organization Management. This time away has helped me focus on Quantent, Trajectory, client work and one more new venture called Enjoin. I've been on the faculty since 2008 and will return in 2020. 

// Enjoin will enter beta this year and take on limited new users during beta testing. What is it? Enjoin is a membership development system for offline business organizations with online members. Your chamber of commerce or economic development organization can use Enjoin to turn businesses into members with digital sales funnels, buckets, offline polls and other membership development tools. Subscription service. 

// I'm working with many economic development organizations, associations and chambers of commerce right now. The work is fulfilling and the outcomes are amazing. 

// Trajectory is in its second season. My podcasting co-host is Kate Volman, the Florida-based CEO of Floyd Consulting. She's got an infectiously positive personality. Trajectory is focused on what happens on the pathway between idea and million-dollar business. We share what big brands do that small businesses can steal -- all from the perspective of two business owners who are also on that same trajectory. You can find it on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and Google Play, and

// Thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the NOW movement. Cool. And thanks for tweeting me.



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