// Chambers need to build or re-build their game plan. Problem is, they have never run a virtual board planning session, and every gathering has been cancelled so the annual retreat with the board isn't going to happen.

That's the problem Eric Ryan and I set out to fix. We just closed registration on Chamber Mission Met, a course and coaching program to build or re-build the game plan in a new reality. In our first effort, we exceeded registration goals by 40%. 

// Chambers are asking how to build more value into their number one revenue source: membership. The problem is their board isn't interested in investing in consulting right now. In response, I've launched a course and coaching program for small chambers who need to build value for tomorrow with only what they have today. It's what I've dedicated my career to. Sign up in the Store

// Chambers are shrinking down to essential staff and cancelling their professional development conferences. I know this because I was going to be speaking at their conference. This unexpected gift of gift of time has allowed me to focus on the re-launch of Chamber People. It's year-round professional development without the travel. 

// I'm spending a lot of time talking with past clients right now, helping them pivot and keep moving. I've decided that we would all benefit from a regular rhythm of connection so ChamberThink Insiders was born. Monthly consulting in a group format. The best part of this program **might** be that they are getting Chamber People, Quantent and Enjoin included. There's no CFO around here, so revenue be damned. 

// There are 8,100 chambers of commerce in North America -- at least there were in February -- and every single one of them needs content that speaks to the times. Taking Off in Turbulence, a guide my team and I built this week, will have an unusual business model. It will be free to chambers, and for my Quantent subscribers, it will be available with private label rights and an editable format to make it their own. Again, no CFO here. 

// Communication needs have never been greater for chambers of commerce. Sadly, many chambers have had to furlough their communications staff. As a result, Quantent is getting a major upgrade. Not only will Quantenters get private label rights to Taking Off in Turbulence, we've built the Quantent Playbook and we're launching Qurrent, a timely topical article each week with private label rights. 

// Enjoin will enter beta this year and take on limited new users during beta testing. What is it? Enjoin is a membership development system for offline business organizations with online members. Your chamber of commerce or economic development organization can use Enjoin to turn businesses into members with digital sales funnels, buckets, offline polls and other membership development tools. Subscription service. 

// Chamber Execs are moving fast and have a higher need for organization. The problem is digital-only planning and scheduling isn't cutting it anymore. Enter the Chamber Daily Planner. It was created as a free bonus download for Chamber Mission Met, but I will certainly find other ways to distribute it. 

// Trajectory is off-season right now. We have a backlog of episodes that need to be produced and posted. My co-host, Kate Volman, has put together a great agenda for season three. You can find it on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and Google Play, and

And this is about 12 feet from the front door of my studio. This little almost-one-year-old is getting her summer coat coming in. I sure would like to find her dad's antler sheds... 

// After a two-year sabbatical from the Institute for Organization Management, I'm back among the faculty and finding participants to be much more hungry for information and insights than ever before. If you are getting your IOM designation in 2021, plan on seeing me at two or more of the sites next year. 

 // Thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the NOW movement. Cool. And thanks for tweeting me.

// This page was updated April 10, 2020. You can always find it at


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