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When you complete your conversion to a tiered membership structure, what's next? ChamberThink Insiders is a monthly program where my clients get together and never stop growing!

Exclusively for current and past ChamberThink consulting clients:

In the time since we worked together, much has changed. You deserve to have the latest in tested methods, tools and on-going support for you and your team. 

ChamberThink Insiders is stacked with value:

  1. Monthly Peer Coaching Meetings
  2. Annual Private Menu Consulting Session with Kyle
  3. All Group Sessions Recorded
  4. Menu Library


  1. Chamber People memberships for your entire team ($200 value per person) NEW! 
  2. Chamber Today done-for-you blog content for Chambers
    1. 229 articles and blogs (and growing) for your website, newsletter or magazine ($16,000 value)
    2. 52 new articles a year
    3. Publishing Plug-n-Playbook - second edition coming in 2023!
  3. ENJOIN Membership Sales Automation ($2,000 value)
    1. Landing Pages
    2. Lead Generators
    3. Email sequences
    4. Scripts
    5. Lead Nurturing Automation

Join today and let's keep your momentum growing! 


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