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Follow You Anywhere

"Patience is what you look like you have while you're working your plan."

This is just one of the lessons shared in Follow You Anywhere - 22 Little Lessons for Team Leaders. 

Written by Kyle Sexton, Follow You Anywhere is based on the life and leadership of the late Mike McLaran, the Oregon business leader who dedicated his career to building great teams and promoting excellence in education. 

Follow You Anywhere reached #1 on Amazon in just three days. Reviews of the book are overwhelmingly positive, like this one:

"This is a home run on team development. There are revelations for both the experienced leaders and those who are just joining the ranks of leadership. This book would make a great reference for anyone's desk." ~Tim Ream

"You can sit around and spend hundreds of dollars to learn from a third person author about the 'great leaders' of our time. What Kyle has captured here is genuine, and it is leadership done right. Much is made of judging leadership, but it is very simple, you know good leadership when you see it and feel it. Mike was a great leader! For evidence just look to all who still carry his torch." ~Brent Nielsen

"I currently have the privilege of working with staff who have directly benefited from the words of wisdom and insight found in this book. I see the results of these lessons working through these people and its a beautiful thing. This is a quick and easy read with beautiful suggestions and tid-bits that can be put into play in many parts of your life very easily." ~Gloria Petrie


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