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Membership Year One

I just celebrated my 23nd year in membership organizations, and it got me thinking: How could I help people who are in their very first year to know what I know about membership sales and prospecting?

My very first job in membership was in the health club business. I was given a Rolodex full of cold leads and past members, and a phone. I had to fail my way to my first paycheck: A whopping $800. I was going to starve in this business. But I stuck to it, I learned some things about how to sell in the way that people actually want to buy and made a name for myself by being innovative about packaging, bundling and consultative selling. After five years in health club sales and marketing, I wasn’t selling memberships, I was helping people buy them.

Then I took what I learned in consumer memberships and applied it to business memberships. I spent the next decade building and perfecting a sales and marketing approach that has been copied by hundreds of organizations since.

Back in 2003, I negotiated my way into an expensive training program that would transform the way I marketed and sold memberships. It cost more than 2 thousand bucks and took about 4 months to complete.

Since then, I received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives Circle of Champions for over 1,000 membership sold. I was named one of the most influential innovators in my industry, I’ve written and published two books.

Whether you’re selling memberships for an economic development organization or a chamber of commerce like I did, I’m going to share with you 22 years of membership hindsight.

I have a very special program called Membership Year One. It’s designed specifically for people who are in their first year of membership sales and marketing.

But what if you’re not in your first year? Is this for you? Sure. If you’re selling full time, if you’re into the other training events that I’ve done and you’ve bought into my strategic visual framework called the Map to ReMembership and you want to learn how all these things work together, then join us inside Membership Year One


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