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If one small piece of training could make or save you thousands of dollars, how valuable would a short video of chamber wisdom delivered to you every morning be to your career and your chamber? 

You and your team deserve to be developed

Every person deserves a chance to learn, but developing people is time-consuming and expensive.

Because of COVID-related cancellations over the next six months, many chambers have lost opportunities to develop their people at all.

But how quickly could a chamber grow if every member of every team received timely, tactical training to grow their chamber? How strong would a chamber become if every member of every team received access to the same knowledge based on two decades of experience?

Chamber People is year-round professional development without the travel. 
Four essential courses: 
  1. Team Leadership
  2. Revenue Growth
  3. Membership
  4. Marketing

KyleAid: Quarterly live Q&A webinars with Kyle

INCLUDES Kyle's never-before released training "How to Raise Dues (without losing a single member or a single dollar)"


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