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What is chamber of commerce weather?

chamber of commerce Jan 06, 2020

Chamber people are optimists, aren't we? We're can-do people and the term chamber of commerce weather refers to weather that attracts people to your town. "It's like this every day here!" right? We see the positive everywhere and we get excited about all the new things in our community and we promote promote promote... 

I was a chamber of commerce weather person for my first couple of years in chamber work, but I found it much more beneficial to be a skeptical optimist. What the heck is a skeptical optimist? Well, the more chamber members I meet -- and I've met a few thousand across North America -- the more I see that our members are skeptical optimists. 

You see, when you own a business, there's a target on your back. Competitors are coming for you. Vendors are raising prices. Charities are beating down your door for their next ask. Your employees are demanding raises or new titles or stand up desks... And that city council candidate is decidedly anti-business. Taxes are going up with your growth, and tax rates are also going up because the voting public doesn't know the fucking difference. Does it sound lonely? It is. 

People like me do things like this. That's from Seth Godin and it refers how people join up. People like me do things like this. 

The skeptical optimist is looking ahead and talking about the big threat to business growth. You might be surprised how many business owners who counted you out because of your unattached optimism are now paying attention and leaning in as you talk about the big threat to business growth. 

So yeah, be optimistic, but inform yourself so that you can talk about the threats to business. You just might attract an audience who has been dying to talk about it with someone who cares. An audience of business owners and entrepreneurs.  

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