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What's wrong with a little romance in your young professionals program?

Young professionals programs can get a little unprofessional if it gets a reputation for being a place to drink or hook up! And that's not good! Or is it? 

Some of the top young professionals programs in the country -- like Milwaukee or Tulsa -- are constantly putting out content and events for those folks who are new to the workforce or new to the region. One of the more transient workers in your community is one without a spouse or a mortgage and they are most likely young-ish. Hence your Young Professionals Program. 

Your major employers are trying to hire talent as soon as they are out of college. The problem is once that talent arrives in your city, they need your help to keep them there. Let me remind you that the top ways to keep your talent local is marriage or mortgage. 

Your employers likely have a no-office-romance policy. So before the talent discovers the singles group at their new church, it's likely that some of your young professionals are looking for...

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