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Did the Saratoga County Chamber start a movement? 

chamber of commerce Jan 04, 2020

What would you do with an extra day? Well, my friends at the Saratoga County Chamber looked ahead on their calendar and they found one. They found an extra day! And they turned it into Leap of Kindness Day. They challenged their community to do an act of kindness on Leap Day, February 29th, 2016. 

Well Leap Year comes around every four years and here it is again in 2020, less than 2 months from now. And Todd and his team at the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce are inviting you and me to participate in Leap of Kindness Day, Saturday February 29th. And I think the best way to participate is to do what they are doing and challenge their community to participate in an act of kindness. 

It costs nothing to participate and start Act of Kindness Day in your own community. The Saratoga County Chamber runs this program through their foundation and I've included a link below if you want more information. They are doing this as an Act of Kindness for communities everywhere. So if you want to participate, here are three easy steps: 

  1. Go to your calendar and block Saturday February 29th as Leap of Kindness Day. 

  2. Forward this video to your team to start the conversation. Put in the subject line: Let's discuss this at our next Staff Meeting

  3. Make a video or write an article to encourage your community to participate. It's super easy. Don't make it hard.


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