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Everything is cancelled

Community leaders need community followers. And I was on a call with about twenty or so community leaders here in Salem, Oregon, last week. They were talking about events and gatherings that they had planned for their followers -- and they were using the word "cancelled" over and over again. 

Man that is depressing. What a bunch of quitters. But Kyle it's too hard. Hey I'm a Chamber People OK? We find the upside to stuff. We look for opportunities. 

Hey if you don't believe in your own cause then by all means, cancel that thing you never should have been doing in the first place. 

Quick story: There was a conference last week. It was supposed to be $3,000 to attend this two-day conference with about two or three hundred people in Nashville, Tennessee. The leader of that team said, "We will not cancel. Our people are counting on us to find a way." 

Not only did that show go on, but they wound up with 900 people in this conference. Because they believed in their own cause and the value of the services they provide. 

Now, I speak at a lot of your state conferences and so I was among the first to know when they all got cancelled or pushed out 'till summer. And while the gatherings have been cancelled, the development MUST go on. You and your team deserve to be developed into better stronger professionals because I believe in your cause. 

If your professional development program has been cancelled, don't let that stop you from massive personal and professional growth this year. 

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