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You sell more memberships when you make more offers

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2020

  It's easy to throw your hands in the air and raise the white flag of surrender. Sadly, I'm seeing chambers do it all over the place... But not my Chamber People. No. My chamber people are fighters. So if you're ready to fight for your community with me, I want to talk about revenue. 

The problem is, your board members are clamping down on their cashflow and they assume every other business is doing the same. Well, bullshit. Businesses are still investing in the strategies and tactics that WORK, and the PEOPLE who care about what they care about. So if your board isn't leading with courage, maybe they can borrow some of yours. And you can borrow some of mine. 

Your new membership sales revenue is directly proportional to the number of offers you make. More offers, more sales. More sales, more revenue. 

Here are three things you can do to adapt your membership sales efforts today.

  1. Automate your inbound. Whoever sells memberships for your chamber needs an online scheduling app right now. Or yesterday. I use ScheduleOnce but a lot of my Chamber People like Calendly too. They are cheap and easy so don't over complicate it. Put that link on the chamber's contact page, on every membership directory page, on your join the chamber page. Everywhere. 

  2. Update your offer. Tailor your membership conversation to this new reality. People need a different kind of connectedness. The top right quadrant wants to talk about leadership and community. The top left quadrant wants to talk about the economy and workforce. The bottom left quadrant needs you to make them famous. And the bottom right quadrant just wants to talk because they got no one to HUG. Put your membership offerings in terms of how you are keeping people and businesses connected right now and pack it with value... not stuff. VALUE. Consider who you're talking to before you determine what value looks like. What EVERY business needs in order to buy from you right now is TRUST, ENERGY and CONFIDENCE. You have to transfer that on to them. 

  3. Outbound your inbound to compound. This might be the worst idea ever... but people are looking for opportunities in some unusual places. So post on your personal facebook profile what you do and why it matters more than ever right now. No pitch, just awareness. Next -- and here's where it gets weird - post in the Facebook Marketplace that you're looking to help businesses get connected to the community and to each other. And do the same thing on Craigslist. Any place free or cheap to post that you're here to help. Channel them to your scheduling app. Have a conversation. Make them an offer. 

Look, now is not the time to sit back and wonder when shit's gonna happen again. If it's gonna happen, you're going to MAKE it happen. So, go make it happen. 

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