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New Interview for Membership Development

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2015

Shortly after ReMembership came out, I was approached by an eager young business development rep at a convention.

"Mr. Sexton, my boss gave me your book to read and my interview at the chamber was a discussion about it."

Cool, I thought. Today, I'm wondering why we don't take interviews further.

Many employers create projects to sample the work of future prospects -- even fake projects. Take this concept into your membership organization.

The new interview:

  1. Go to 3 businesses and ask, "If I pursue a position with this organization, what should I know about your business that would help us to help more businesses like yours?"
  2. Now create a visual presentation to the team.

Testing is a rewarding exercise in marketing, and it costs so much less. In the same way you can test the efficacy of future team members, you could be testing your new web site design by building it first in Photoshop or PowerPoint. Test your idea for a new book or book title with Google Ads before you even write the book. Test a new email format or headline by, well, just hitting send. With an average open-rate of twenty to thirty percent, you don't have much to lose.

If your membership organization has become an email factory, an event machine, or a revolving door for staff, a fresh approach to organization management can align your team around marketing to which your members will actually respond.

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