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What should you do next? 

What should we be doing next? Three things...

  1. Don't contribute to panic, doom or gloom

  2. Deal in facts

  3. Refuse to predict

Don't panic... When you add adjectives to your message, such as "unprecedented" or "crazy," you are piling on to the emotions of those we are trying to help. If you need to vent, or rant, make sure you're doing it privately. Your tribe needs you to be on your A-game. 

Deal in facts... There are lots of organizations who now believe they are in the business of sharing unfiltered information. The problem is that the information is buried in corporation-speak. Instead of passing along information they already know or are getting from somewhere else, be the filter. Pass on ONLY the directions they NEED to KNOW or the advice that only you can give. 

Refuse to predict... Everyone is a pundit, it seems. Don't fall into the trap of trying to predict an outcome here. Everyone is dealing with change. Not every business is suffering. If you don't believe me, check out the line at the McDonald's drive through. Yes, there are layoffs, much to the relief of those who are desperate for workforce. Get to work channeling the supply to the demand. 

Instead of obsessing about what's changing, obsess about your members' needs. Here are a couple of examples of how some responsive chambers are handling the changes of the last month.

  1. Virtual meetings. I recommend you get a zoom account today. It's the easiest way to hold a meeting virtually. If we can't gather, it doesn't mean we can't meet. Keep holding your meetings. Learn how to use Zoom to feature your speaker and your sponsor and keep the meetings going on schedule. 

  2. Lift up the hardest-hit. The restaurants who are pivoting to take-out or delivery need to feel supported. Their websites are useless right now, so send your restaurant members a message to post to facebook today's takeout special and tag you so you can share it. Many chambers are creating a town eats page or group where this information can be shared. It's inspiring. 

  3. Channel the demand to the supply. There are still lots of businesses hiring in your area. Find those who are looking for workforce, and send all the folks laid off by the hospitality industry to the businesses looking to hire and grow right now. 

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