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What should you do when something you value is free? 

I was chatting with my copywriter the other day and she said, "OH MAN I was writing the BEST article in Evernote and something happened and now its GONE. I can't find it anywhere!" 

I reminded her that when she was getting her business systems set up -- she was using the FREE version of Evernote -- and I encouraged her to upgrade to the professional version. "Did you do that," I asked? 

Well she did and boy is she glad. Because she could go to and see all of her notes and articles and the various iterations... and there it was. Her article that she worked so hard on was in there. 

It's a good reminder to look around at the things in your life and in your work that you value and that add value to those you serve. If you value it and it goes away, what then? Is there something you can do that will help make sure that it doesn't go away?

So many businesses look at the work you do and say, "I'm glad they do it. I benefit from their work. They're going to do that work whether I'm a member or not. But I will leave it to someone else to support the Chamber."

Well screw that.

Do you get where I'm going here? Support what you value or it will go away. We've got to eat our own cooking on this one so here are three ways you can support what you've been getting for free. If you're a Chamber: 

  1. Join your neighboring chamber of commerce. And use real money. You know, cash. Not trade. 

  2. Join your State Chamber Executive Association and quit asking what they've done for you lately. I'm serious. Don't sound like one of your former members. 

  3. Join ACCE. They do great work for you every single day and they are so much more than a great convention. 

And hey if you want to support the work I'm doing, click on the link to my store above and join one of my training programs. 

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