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Why You M.U.S.T. Pivot

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2020

 You MUST pivot? You MUST? My dad always said words like always, never and must are too strong to throw around casually. 

MUST is an acronym that us marketing people use in times like this. 

M: Massive Problem. It's not too hard to find a massive problem to solve in your community. For example, many of your restaurants who have looked at all of the third party meal delivery apps that take 30% of the sale and said, We're not built for that financially. It's a massive problem. Those restaurants are either closed or they are about to be. 

U: Unique Solution. Can you solve the massive problem with a unique solution in your market. It doesn't have to be unique to the world, just unique to the situation. If you can get drivers from your community to help local restaurants at 10-15% of the sale, that's a unique solution. 

S: Starving Market. Hey we're talking about food delivery here. Isn't it obvious? 

T: Timing. This is a terrible idea last February. But it's a pretty not-so-shitty idea right now. Timing is everything. 

In fact, it's just crazy enough -- and I'm a little off since I haven't played basketball in a month -- so I reached out to the corporate offices of Lyft - the rideshare app that doesn't do food delivery. Lyft is a member of some chambers of commerce, interestingly enough. They have an infrastructure and they have a COVID-19 response initiative where they are mobilizing around meal delivery for seniors and other pandemic-related initiatives. I'll let you know if they turn out to be my kind of crazy. 

Hey I hope you figure out some things you must do as you move from Firefighter to forest service manager. Because massive problems and starving markets are ready for unique solution. 

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